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PET bottles have been recycled.
Ecofabril started out in 1994, transforming PET bottles into polyester fibers.
One of the pioneers in PET recycling in Brazil, its current rated production capacity is 35,000 tons/year, which means approximately 1.000,000,000 PET bottles being recycled every twelve months.
The company owns a modern plant, using the latest technology, with the most advanced production lines operating in Latin America to recycle PET and manufacture polyester fibers.
Ecofabril Indústria e Comércio Ltda., Whose activity is the Production and Marketing of Synthetic Fibers, is committed to continuous improvement of its products and processes, as well as meeting the requirements and improvement of its Quality Management System. The ultimate goal is to better meet the needs of its customers, delivering their products on time and according to the specified.

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